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Servo stabilizers, servo voltage stabilizers,servo voltage stabilizers Manufacterer , servo voltage stabilizers manufactere in india
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Servo Voltage Stabilizers (SVS) is a 3-phase, distortion-free, automatic voltage controller. It gives perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage. Servo voltage stabilizers, automatic servo stabilizers are available to suit the input voltage variations of individual customers, in capacities upto 2500 KVA.

To meet the growing needs of residences, small businesses and office automation products, an oil cooled range of single phase stabilizers called "eLservo", is available in 5, 7.5 & 10 KVA for voltage variation of 160-260 Volts, 130-260 Volts and 100-300 Volts, all giving 220 Volts ±1% output.

Recurring Energy Conservation...
Servo stabilizers

Apart from voltage stabilization, POWERTEK Servo Voltage Stabilizers offer several energy conservation possibilities such as :

By optimizing voltage supply to lighting equipments upto 20% energy saving can be achieved alongwith increased life of bulbs, tubes and accessories.
For industrial consumption, similar savings is possible by optimizing the voltage supply to motors.
The excessive heating and consumption of motors due to unbalanced voltage can be corrected leading to energy saving and long motor life.

Telecom Power management:

We offer customized solutions for power management & quality improvement in BTS/BSC/MSC/CDMA sites. Range of equipments presently being offered to telecom companies includes:

  1. Servo voltage stabilizer / Automatic voltage regulator.
  2. Isolation transformer.
  3. Ultra Isolation transformer.
  4. Harmonics compensation transformers.
  5. Automatic power booster units.
  6. Automatic power factor controllers.

Special Features of Servo Voltage Stabilizers..

  • Design : Computerized design
  • Efficiency : Over 98%
  • Output Accuracy : ± 1%
  • Suitable for : 100% unbalanced current load
  • Testing : As per IS 9815 / IS 2026
  • Overload capacity : As per IS 6600
  • Terminations : As per IS 3347
  • Full digital display for better visibility and accuracy
  • Sealed stabilizer unit for long life
  • It prevents moisture and contaminants in harsh industrial environments
  • Detachable type plug-in control panel for flexibility of placements


  • Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage
  • Constant output voltage, despite load current variations
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input unbalance
  • Overall energy saving - above 98% efficiency
  • Increased life of your equipment, reduced heating and minimal losses
  • Optional features include additional metering, surge suppression, voltage cut-off, overload protection, single phase prevention,
  • Bypass mechanism, Soft Start, time delay, audio-visual alarms, trips for abnormalities, inbuit isolation transformer etc.

    All POWERTEK products have a one-year warranty. We assure our customers superior quality products with superior features. Our team of dedicated engineers provide ideal solutions and offer prompt after-sale services.

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