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Special purpose transformers, Special purpose transformers manufacture in india, voltage controllers manufacturer.
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High Power Voltage Transformers

High Power Voltage Transformers (HPVTs) manufactured through the voltage class 245 kV are specially designed to provide remote location station power needs up to 100 kVA as well as relaying performance and metering accuracy of 3P and 0.2% as per IEC with burdens up to 400 VA. The insulation is finely graded and consists of oil-paper combination. The oil impregnation is done under a high degree of vacuum with excellent monitoring and control of dissipation loss factor (tan delta). All HPVTs are hermetically sealed, with either stainless steel bellows or nitrogen cushion. 

Precision Voltage Transformers For Laboratories

We offer ultra precision (< 0.1% metering accuracy as per IEC) voltage transformer for using as standard for accuracy measurements in laboratories. Precision voltage transformers are made with extremely low excitation current requirement with accurate step down for the entire voltage range of 11 kV through 245 kV.

High Voltage AC Testing Transformers For Laboratories

High voltage transformers for power frequency tests on insulation are available for up to 300 kV, 300 kVA. The design consists of two stage cascade transformers of 150 kV each housed in a single FRP cylindrical shell.

Special purpose transformers