Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformer


Powertek Transformers are designed as per IS: 2026, IS : 1180

Vector Group

Transformers will be connected as per group reference Dyn 11. Other groups can be offered as specific requirements.

Temperature Rise

Transformers are designed for a maximum rise of 50/55 degree C of oil/winding, lower temperature rise can be offered on request

Inner view of Distribution Transformer

Windings/ Coils

All windings are made from Electrolytic grade copper as per requirement of customer. The conductor is in the form of triple or double power covered insulated strip and wire. Windings are designed to optimize dynamic, thermal, mechanical and electrical structure depending upon current and voltage requirement. The type of winding commonly used is spiral, crossover, disc, helical winding are used depending upon specific design criteria. The solid insulation used in the winding is either in the form rectangular spacers or blocks assembled from pre compressed high density press board. It is the component of winding which imparts the desired mechanical strength. The low voltage winding of transformer are fabricated from heavy copper bars which can withstand high currents as well as severe mechanical stress without damage.

Core & Winding Assembly

The winding are assembled in the core and are supported radially by carefully designed number of pres compressed pressboard spacers to withstand the radical force generated under short circuit. The core and winding assembly is dried in electric oven. The process consist of heating the active part to a temperature betwen 90-120°C


In house facility is created for tank manufacturing and are made with specialized TIGand MIC Welding Machines. Tank are fabricated out of good quality steel sheets and special attention is paid to avoid unnecessary welds to reduce chance of leakage. High quality standards are obtained and each tankis tested for leakage and deformation to achieve 100% customer satisfaction


Utmost care is taken during painting of transformer. Two component like Zinc Chromate Primer is applied with an intermediate coat prevent any rusting due to harsh atmosphere pressure and weather condition. Top coat of PU paint as per RAL shadesis applied for smooth surface and protection against moisture during export.

Transformer Oil

Oil is used as a coolant conforms IS335 is centrifuged and filtered before filling into the transformer. Dehydrated EHV grade mineral oil is used which is directly purchased in tankers from refineries.


Routine test like measurement of resistance. no load losses, load losses, impedance tum ratio separate source voltage tet, induced over voltage withstand testare conducted as per IS:2026

Fitting & Accessories

Transformer Design Option

Warranty & After Sale Service

We are totally warranted against any manufacturing defect & faulty workmanship. Every equipment sold is packed by our excellent and prompt service network. Our organisation is well known by virtue of strong support in terms of pre sales and after sales rendered by us during any solution.


A.  Off Circuit Tap Changing Switch

Tapping from +5% to -5% in step of 2.5% HV vari oras per customer’s requirement

B.  OnLoad Tap Changer +5%to+15% 1.25%

Terminal Arrangement & Bushing

Terminal Arrangement & Bushing Following arrangments are provided: (a) HV-Bare or cable box bushing (b) LV-Bare or cable box bushings, disconnecting can also be provided on both HY & LV cable boxes, bushing conforms to IS:13347. 2099, HV/LV bushing terminals of brass/copper conformers to IS:3347 Section-ll metal parts.

Gasket & Joints

All gaskets used for making oil tight joints to be with cork as base banded by oil resisting synthetic material or rubber. Neroprene rubber is used for oil tight joints for HV & LV terminals. The gasket conforms to5:4253, Part-Il-1980 (Reaffirmed 1990) NC777.RC70C.

Tapping range as per specific requirement can be. offered OLTC for remote/auto/ parallel operation
canalsobe offered.

Quality Control & Routine Testes:

Our Transformer undergo rigorous quality control checks and are routine tested as per IS in our full equipped laboratory. Any specific test required by the customer can also be arranged.

Note: Transformer with other rating, voltage ratio, vector group, terminal arrangement can be supplied as per costumer requirements. Fitting like Cable Boxes, Gas Operated Relay MOG, WTI, Marshelling Box can be provided as per requirement.

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